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teacher: don’t be shy, introduce yourself to the class


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inside jokes are so amazing and powerful like you can say one word one fucking word and have a person on the floor laughing or glaring at you while saying your name in complete exasperation while everyone else is just utterly confused

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The Prince of ALL ANIME

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time to accept the fact that i am just complete fucing homestuck trash god fu cking dammit

yea i get that homestuck updated today like im really excited about it too but like can you guys please tag your homestuck????? the entire fanbase has been really quiet lately so it wasnt so big of a deal for a while but a lot of people might not want to see it????? like it can be really annoying at times just be nice to people

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when ur really strong


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friendly reminder that i am still homestuck trash

i can’t wait until im 23 so i can blast what’s my age again every second of that year