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When I see art that is literally just text its looks so lazy and uninspired why is it even there lmao


you sure about that

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you have my attention

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this isnt even my final aesthetic

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  • When did you join Tumblr?: late 2011/early 2012 i think? i remember being 12 at the time. but then i deleted in like february of last year and made this :o
  • Why did you join Tumblr?: my little pony hahhhah fuck  kc
  • What kind of blog do you have?: personal
  • How many posts do you have?: 27,416
  • How many likes do you have?: 5238
  • How many messages do you have?: 3128
  • How many blogs do you follow?: 935
  • How many followers do you have?: 1017
  • How often do you change your theme?: not much
  • How often do you change your icon?: about as much as my theme
  • List all the urls you’ve ever had: nO
  • Do you have any favourite blogs?: yes there are like 6 
  • Do you often hit post limit?: i used to when i was really into doctor who (i still am but) and my little pony but now its like never
  • Do you ever send anonymous messages to other people?: only when i correct someone’s info on something
  • Do you ever get anon hate?: nope
  • Have you made any friends on Tumblr?: i got in my current relationship because of tumblr but ive never met anyone on tumblr
  • What’s the most notes you’ve ever had on a post?: 20k i think???
  • What’s your favourite thing about Tumblr?:  memes
  • What’s your least favourite thing about Tumblr?: elitist social justice blogs and transtrenders 

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imagine owning your friends in LoL with this baby

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The way he mimics Germany though..

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